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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 29, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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hazing scandal regarding a football player comes to light and why police are getting involved. an 8-year-old is shot in oakland and the me and the grandmother has for the shooters. and super bowl sunday gets underway and it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. and good morning everybody, it is tuesday, january 29th, i am brian flores. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, as promised, the wind picked up and it really got chilly. >> there is clouds out there and clouds are holding temperatures up with that breeze otherwise it would be even colder and most of those would be pushing off towards the inland area but mostly cloudy skies and mostly sunny this morning but breezy and windy at times, here is sal.
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traffic is doing well around the bay area and we are looking at traffic that looks good on 880 north and southbound so far in the oakland area with no major problems on this freeway. also if you are looking at the san francisco traffic, traffic looks good to the bay area. let's go back to the desk. it led to a firing of a football coach and we are learning about hazing allegations at a high school in vallejo. here is more at st. vincent. >> reporter: police are learning to talk to students and officials at st. patrick's st. vincent's as well as the archdiocese. and they just learned about it and that it involved an attack on a student and they fired the
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coach five weeks after he reported the sexual hazing allegations to her. he worked in the saratoga schools and he is a former new york police officer who played college football and started as a coach and teacher here last august. some football players admitted to him in the locker room varsity players had removed their closing and held the other players as they assaulted him. reported five students were also expelled as a result of this and we know that the coach's office is inside the locker room and he would have a pretty good view of what was happening so the question is, did he leave early thursday's what time of day did this actually happen, was it during school, after school, these are times we'll see if the administration bears any responsibility for what happened. coming up, we will tell you about an assistant coach who knew about these assaults and
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he was not fired and we will explain all of that coming up. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:31, an 8-year- old girl remains in the hospital and she is the latest victim of the growing street violence. an 8th grader was playing outside of a home when she was hit by gunfire in a driveby shooting. one bullet struck her leg. she is expected to be released later today. we spoke to the girl's grandmother who did not want to reveal her identify and she has a message for the gunman. >> you need to stop going around shooting innocent kids, when you are shooting those guns you don't know where those bullets are going, guns down, stop killing each other. >> they missed their intended targets and the search for the gunman continues. we are learning more about
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that crash in foster city. this is something they first told you about and the chp has identified the driver as 21- year-old jaun hernandez. investigators say he was driving eastbound on highway 92 and somehow he lost control of his car. the car then slammed into a guardrail and flipped over several times. hernandez and two brothers, ages 16 and 12 and a third brother was critically injured. chp said a third warning was given before they could assist on bay area roads. >> we need to plan ahead and don't drive wreck residentially -- recklessly and don't drink and drive. >> there is no indication that alcohol played a roll in this crash but the investigation is still in the early stages. president barack obama is
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traveling to las vegas where he will make a puff for immigration reform. their proposal includes a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. mccain now explained his party is more open to immigration reform. >> elections, elections, the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens and we realize there are many issues of which we think we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens but this is a preempt and in issue -- preempt issue with those citizens. >> president barack obama won 71% of the latino vote and republicans said it was a wakeup call for their party. they say it begins today in new orleans with media day and they arrived in the big easy, joining the 49ers who arrived
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on sunday and media day is at the super bowl and they will gather to talk to the 49ers and the ravens. so far they kept a low profile but some did take some questions. >> we are going to do our best as a team to get this win. we want to win and we just got to go out there and do what we did all year, playing 49ers ball. >> no pressure at all. >> we will have live coverage of media day at 8:00 on mornings on 2 but coming up in just about an hour, ken wayne will have a live report and in the big easy, we will have live reports in every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday and after the game we will switch back for a live local post game show with fans in the bay area and in new orleans.
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time now 4:35 already making merchandise and wind craft is printing ravens logos since they will want memorabilia right away. wind craft makes items for both teams and the merchandise made for the losing team will be destroyed. they will be ready to ship out the winning team's souvenir as soon as it is over. city leaders hope to learn some important lessons from stadium security from the super bowl. two santa clara police officers and one former officer is in new orleans this week and they will learn about security measures southering the biggest -- surrounding the biggest sporting event in america. >> to make sure we learn as much as we can about security at stadium and in a multitude of different places. >> they have firsthand knowledge of security and some may recall they responded to a melee at buck shaw stadium last
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year, but however they know the crowds at 49ers games will be much bigger. and we have a section dedicated to the 49ers and the quest for 6, just look for the big easy on the home page. they are counting the homeless population in santa clara county each volunteer will be paired with a homeless guide to help assist with a visual count today and tomorrow. they conduct a homeless census every two years and 7,000 were counted in 2011 and the count is required to secure some federal grant money. let's get you out the door and sal, you are starting in the east bay? >> that's right. we are looking at the commute on the east bay and as you are driving from vallejo to berkeley, it is a nice looking drive although you can see there is still a little bit of road work on 80 coming down to the berkeley area. it is not causing a big traffic
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jam but you will see the flashing lights. there are no problems getting into san francisco and it has been a very nice drive. this morning's commute continues to be good on 280 and 101 and no problems on 17 coming over the mountain. let's go to steve. a very good morning, our system continues to drop down and low breeze, you can see right there on the coast, inland areas can be mostly cloudy for a couple of hours in the morning and eventually there is a fine line right there where you can see it is cloudy to partly cloudy skies. these have to clear the air first. if it were not for the breeze, napa 34 and even upper 40s, half-moon bay, livermore and again these observations, you are back here and this thermometer can be much different. i will just show you a couple of them.
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by this afternoon, mostly sunny and even though there is a lot of cloud cover, it is a north wind and that can be chilly for a few. upper 50s and lower 60s we are closer on the high temperatures and all the way into friday, and clouds are rolling in sunday and there could be some rain early. we continue to learn more about that deadly fire at a nightclub in brazil. the safety equipped the club did not have, we will have more on that. and assault charges against a former raider, what they claimed was done to an ex- boyfriend. and the traffic looks good as you head out to the high- rise and we will -- high-rise and we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. good morning, a lot of high clouds streaming right over, everything is out of the north
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and mostly sunny partly cloudy skies low 60s. several safety violations have been uncovered in brazil where more than 200 students were killed. they had no fire alarm, sprinklers or emergency exit. it is believed pyrotechics killed them and most had critical injuries. the first of the funerals was held followed by a march to demand justice. the wait just got longer for the five men accused in the ned did i 9/11 attacks. it was an emotional day in court as the families attended the hearings in guantanamo bay. muhammed is one of the many who killed 3,000 people.
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>> they look like human beings and yet the evil they put forth towards america, i can't even comprehend it. >> although the men have been in custody for decades, there are still a number of issues that must be resolved before a trial takes place and one suspect is looking for new legal counsel but the trial is expected to start in another year. they are suing the department. the family announced yesterday they are filing a $15 million wrongful death suit. anthony junior was killed after police say he charged at them with a knife following a fight with his roommate. the family claims the fight was over by the time police arrived and they claim one of the officers fired in panic after reacting to another officer tripping and falling behind him. san francisco 49er is
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scheduled to go on trial against a former boyfriend. harris was arrested outside of a menlo park restaurant. he got mad when one man tried to put soy sauce on his rice. he also accused him of stealing his underwear and he pinned him and hit him several times in the face and head. he has pled not guilty. they are upgrading and expanding the early warning system for earthquakes. los angeles state senator alex said the network could include sirens. that would give people as much as one minute to prepare for a big earthquake and that's enough time to shut down nuclear power plants not get on an elevate error for a surgeon to lift the scald pal away from the patient. they will show experts the type of weapons that are legal
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and illegal under california law and there will be an explanation on the weapons ban of assault weapons and we will hear testimony by police, advocates working against gun violence as well as gun rights' groups. let's go to sal to check on traffic, what are you looking at, sal? right now we are still looking at the road workings pam and as -- road work, pam and there are no problems on eastbound 80 and on the toll plaza it's still light and no major problems getting into san francisco and if you are driving on to the bridge, it is looking good, southbound 101, the peninsular is looking good into redwood city, let's go to
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steve. high pressure is built in a big, big way. we are right on the western edge of it, and by this afternoon, most of this will push off to the east and we start off mostly on the tempera it was not for the cloud cover, there are good gusts and especially higher elevations and i don't think that will change too much, but you can see the cloud cover. this will be mostly cloudy and inland at least for the morning hours, it will be a chilly start but we are getting used to that. that is getting. upper 50s to very low 60s today, it started out sunny and everything pushes off deep to the cold systems and we will have high pressure and it will be high and dry until sunday and maybe some rain early next week. >> thank you, steve. 4:47, a convicted serial killer
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is looking for victims in the wrong place. the fbi is digging by hand at an abandoned well of linden. last year, the convicted killer who was there led investigators to a well where the remains of four women were found. but now he says the well where the fbi is currently digging is not one of his disposal spots. the fbi said his recollections have sometimes been inaccurate. one goh will be transferred to the state hospital in the next two weeks. he is accused of killing several people and a judge has declared he is not competent to stand trial and legal proceedings have been suspended. one goh will be taken to the hospital in napa by february 11th. chevron has paid $10 million from last year's refinery fire. most of that money went to
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medical exams and treatment for several people. they have employed corrective actions and they are addressing corrosion problems and also revamping their response plan in the convenient of another leak. and they are calling it up as it comes after a dangerous incident which shut down interstate 880. this was posted online and some drivers blocked traffic while others were doing donuts. the chp is asking anybody who may have seen what happened saturday and authorities said this was the first case of side show on this area since 2002.  the issue became a national subject after an east bay boy scout completed his project an application to become an eagle scout. the scouts denied him their top honor because he is openly gay.
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now they are considering a plan to allow the 1 16,000 troops to decide if they would allow them to include gay scouts. >> one more step, but this is a good way to go. >> some have threatened to pull their kids out if gays are allowed but others say scouting needs to require all troops to allow gay scouts and the national board will discussions the topic -- discuss the topic next week. fast track condominium conversions will be started in the city and 200 a year are permitted although many are asking for this. they have been waiting for eight years to be allowed to convert. >> the possibility goes lower and lower because there are more and more applicants
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competing for the same spots. >> opponents say changing the law will encourage people to buy housing units and convert them to condos and that type of real estate would hurt the city and its neighborhoods. we have an update on those hand painted nomes. they told the chronicle that the nomes can stay. they say the paintings compromised the equipment but the decision is that they have embraced the little guys and the nomes are meant to be a gift to the community. i heard from a ton of people about the little nomes. >> they do make you smile. >> yes, they do. coming up, could there be new hope for the sacramento kings to stay in sacramento and they are getting serious about trying to buy the team.
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plus, what the teenage driver said happened right before the car went into the water, stay tuned for more. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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. welcome back, a man a teenager and dog escaped after a car went off the car.
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the accelerator stuck and plowed through a wooden fence and into the water. the boy, the father and the dog were allable to get to safety and the vehicle was pulled from the water before it leaked fuel. firefighters said the boy ran for help after a fire started at a home in hayward. the boy's relative who was in a wheelchair was trapped inside. two neighbors were able to pull the man to safety and he was able to get to the hospital to be treated for burns to his hands and firefighters say a lit cigarette is what caused that fire. and the fire started at a home on holly drive at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. two firefighters suffered minor burns and they were treated at the hospital and released. six adults and five children were inside and were allable to
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get out safely. >> a 24 hour fitness specialist and nearly two dozen local investors wants to present an arena financing plan in april. the current owners have reached an agreement to sell the franchise but that needs to be agreed upon by the other owners. sal, how is the morning commute? >> we are doing okay, we are not too bad and we are looking for problems and that's my job to look around for troubled spots and i have not found anything now so it continues to look pretty good on these major roads. san francisco 101, that looks good with no major problems and also the morning commute looks good, westbound bay bridge with no major problems driving through. also the morning commute
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southbound 101 as you drive to 92, that is a nice looking drive on the peninsular. high clouds, continue to stream straight on down and there is just a little bit of precipitation. high pressure continues to deflect and cold air is going to plunge and it looks like cool cold mornings, depending on your definition. high clouds, a breeze out of the north, north, northwest right there, i just had a nice tweet from carlos, they had some snowflakes right there and now it is gone. there could be a few hit and miss snow showers and it is mostly cloudy in the morning and mostly sunny in the afternoon. 30s and 40s on the temperatures half-moon bay. i apologize, this has been one brutal bug that has been going around and for all of you who are sharing in the misery, i
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appreciate the e-mails. high clouds continue to stream in, chilly start breezy out of the north, forecasted highs upper 50s to lower 60s and the good news is after today we get more sunshine and warmer temperatures and that will take us to the end of the week. >> steve, you are a trooper, i have to say that. >> yes, he is. a former east bay college student is accused of sending death threats to teachers. zachary moitoza sent death threats to the professor at diablo valley college. one e-mail reportedly said, "i own a ptr-91 .308 caliber semi automatic rifle with a 20 bullet clip.." zachary moitoza was a student at the diablo valley college in 2003 and 2005 and his family said he is mentally ill.
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hillary rodham clinton is tied to the white house for the next political race for president. stay tuned.


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